Important information about PayMaker/NetBanking and red and orange payment slips

PayMaker v6 SIX / Pro

The new PayMaker generation has been released. It is mandatory to install the update that is displayed when you start.

Club and BusinessMaker discontinued

The ClubMaker as well as the BusinessMaker will no longer be further developed for strategic reasons and in the course of adapting our product range. Sales have been discontinued and both products will be discontinued as of 30.06.2021. Support has also been discontinued as of 31.12.2021.

PayEye Bluetooth macOS Monterey

At the moment it is not possible to connect the PayEye via Bluetooth with the current macOS Monterey. The connection via USB cable and W-Lan are not affected. We are already in the process of analysing the error and correcting it. Thank you for your understanding.

FTX certificate check failed

If you receive the message that the FTX certificate could not be verified and therefore do not have a valid certificate, it is necessary to install an up-to-date version.

Discontinuation of Support OfficeWings as of 31.3.2021

Discontinuation OfficeWings Maintenance for OfficeWings will be discontinued as of 31.12.2020 for strategic reasons and in the course of adapting our product range. Support will still be available until 31.03.2021. Unfortunately, we cannot offer an equivalent alternative software at this time.

BusinessMaker discontinued

BusinessMaker discontinued - benefit from Winbiz Promo