Important information about PayMaker/NetBanking and red and orange payment slips

From 01.10.2022:

  • From 1 October 2022, only the QR-bill must be processed.
  • Financial institutions in Switzerland automatically reject payment files with red and/or orange payment slips.

PayMaker / NatBanking version (from 30.09.2022): 

  • Red and orange payment slips are deactivated.

PayMaker / NatBanking version (from 29.06.2022):

  • The execution date for red and orange payment types cannot be processed after 30.09.2022.

PayMaker / NatBanking version older than

  • The red and orange payment types should no longer be processed.
  • In order to prevent the file from being rejected by the financial institutions, the software must be updated.