Discontinuation of support for all PayMaker versions 5 or older as of July 1, 2024


Support for all PayMaker products version 5 or older will be discontinued as of July 1, 2024.

The last update of version 5 was released in spring 2022 and was replaced by the current version 6.

Info: Prerequisite for version 6 is Windows 10 or Windows 11

For existing version 5:

The discounted “license update” to version 6 can be purchased in the store: https://shop.crealogix.com/

Either as an “annual ticket” (one-off purchase) including 1 year of updates with tacit termination or as an “update subscription” that is automatically renewed annually until it is canceled. In the case of a new “update subscription”, termination is only possible after 24 months/2 years.

Info: You can find your license number and the e-mail address of the customer account in the PayMaker menu “?”, “About”, tab “License”

For existing version 4 or older:

This requires the purchase of a new “full version/license” in the store. https://shop.crealogix.com/


If you have any questions about technical problems, please contact support: support@crealogix.com

If you have any questions about orders, please contact the internal sales team: 058 404 85 85 or e-payment@crealogix.com