QR GiroMat G400 / G130

Instructions and help

Open the file (installation programme) with a double-click

Select the language in which the installation is to be carried out

Now select the installation path and then click Next.

In the next step, you can select whether the Giromat software should be started when the PC is started (Autostart).

Then select “Install

Now wait until the installation is complete.

After the installation, click on “Finish”.

The software should now be started with the “Installation Wizard”.

Depending on the Finder settings, the open disk image “Giromat” should be displayed in the Finder sidebar and on the desktop.

Then drag the Giromat programme icon with the mouse onto / into the “Applications” folder.

If you are using macOS 10.14 “Mojave”, 10.15 “Catalina”, 11.x “Big Sur”, 12.x “Monterey” or newer.

If you are using any of the above macOS, the following message will appear the first time you scan.

Open the macOS System Preferences

Click on the “Security” icon

Click on the “Security” icon

If you need to enter a password, this is your macOS user/logon password.

Then click on the “+” symbol.

Now search for the Giromat software in the “Programmes” folder and then click on “Open”.

Once you have added the software, you will find it in the list of operating aids.

Now select your preferred financial software or e-banking from the list.

In the “Settings” (after the initial installation) up to 6 different entries can be preset



Wizard does not open

If the wizard does not open, you will find the software in the tray apps.

Depending on the Windows settings, the software may also be hidden behind an “arrow”.

Windows 10



Under “Language” you can choose between four possible menu languages



Financial software

Under “Financial software” you can select and change your preferred financial software and e-banking applications.

Up to 6 different presets are available

The preset products can then be conveniently changed in the TrayApp



Show scan

The scan image can be checked under “Show Scan”. The software can be set to save an image if the code line / QR code is detected correctly or incorrectly.




In this tab the scan quality can be set.




In this tab you can make additional settings,


Correct code line

With this option, an acoustic signal is emitted when the Giromat has correctly recognised a coding line or Swiss QR Code.


Incorrect code line

With this option, an acoustic signal is emitted each time the Giromat does not correctly recognise a code line or Swiss QR Code.


Giromat LED

With this option, the LED display can be activated or deactivated.